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Am waldes rand

Initially these images were part of a five-year investigation into the forests of the world. But over time they made me look differently, because behind their great complexity and careful composition, lies a secret.
Photographically I have always been interested in time and how we perceive change. These images illustrate the change of light, the changing direction of the wind and the force of the weather. We see a forest and imagine adventures - dream of discoveries, secret paths, laughter, or playing hide and seek. Yet sometimes a small piece of information dramatically influences the way we perceive, the way we look. When I took these images I had no intention of documenting a crime scene, but when I unintentionally did, the forest transformed into a dark, mysterious place that spoke of hiding under rocks and escaping the country, of police searches, sirens and helicopters. In its silence I thought of loss, heartbreak, and the crime committed by a friend - father of a little girl and partner to my best friend.

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I was approached by Kevin J. Miyazaki to design a book for his charity, an online photography gallery, "collect.give". I love to design books and work with photography, so this was a fun project to be involved with. 50 charities & 50 photographs. 100% of the books profits will be donated by me to RSPCA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals).

+ Branding
+ Book design
+ Website

Make sure to have a look at www.collect.give.

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Design is about delight, wonder and functionality. I believe that exceptional design is at the center of any successful brand. It focuses on your message, it reflects how your business sees itself and how it wants to be seen by the world. Over the last 10 years I have worked with small & big companies, to either update their existing branding, or create a new brand for them.




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This is the 2011 Annual Report for the Chinese Medicine Registration Board of Victoria. It reflects the classical origins of this ancient system of medicine, yet maintains an up to date, contemporary style.

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This is the 2010 Annual Report for the Chinese Medicine Registration Board of Victoria. Close up images of Chinese herbs provided the inspiration for the visual component of this report.

+ Annual Report
+ Photography

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Chinese medicine herbs

For the Chinese Medicine Registration Board of Victoria - Annual Report 2010, I wanted to take close up images of Chinese herbs. I was more then delighted when I attained access to these herbs in jars at the Westgarth Chinese Medicine Centre. Thank you Vlado.

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Garden of knowledge

I am absolutely fascinated by the timelessness and exquisite details of these specimens. Some were collected over a hundred years ago, and I often find myself dreaming about the adventures of the collectors, their dedication to chart where they found their treasures and leave behind a map of beauty and history. These images were taken whilst volunteering at the School of Botany - Melbourne University Herbarium and are only a tiny sample of the specimens available.

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UYW 16

unless you will is an online photography journal that showcases a vision within photo-based art. My goal is to bring together a collection of notable photographers from around the world and present their work.
Download issue 16 here, or view the stories here.

Andrej Krementschouk
Margo Ovcharenko
Carlos Jiménez Cahua
Milagros de la Torre
Dimitry Sokolenko
Eduardo Hirose
Olya Ivanova
Pablo Hare
Philippe Gruenberg
Igor Savchenko

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A piece of luck and other stories

Old books, discarded, dismembered, or worthless and forgotten. Photographing these books over months, in ever changing light, the imprint of time revealed their contents.
I was interested in showcasing the craftsmanship of yesteryear, of traditionally printed books before the digital age. Their texture and quality suggest a lost art. These images are delicately composed landscapes where perspective and perception are manipulated. Nuances of horizon lines ask, ‘what do you see?’